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Professional Audio/Video Systems

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Alltech Communications provides integrated audio-visual and control system solutions for a broad range of markets. Our unique combination of experience, products and passion combines to create an unprecedented level of client satisfaction.

We has an extensive background in sound system design and acoustics. Our experience is our most valuable asset in designing sound systems that present music and speech clearly and effectively. Our sound systems are installed in auditoriums, gymnasiums and classrooms throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Alltech provides video projection systems for classrooms, lecture halls and auditoriums. We work with projection equipment from all of the major manufacturers, assembling systems that provide bright, sharp images. We can also provide control systems for video projection as well as signal distribution and custom input plates.

Alltech's extensive background in commercial audio-visual and automation brings technologies and methods once reserved for the commercial market into your home. Our systems are unique because they are designed around your home, your technology and your style.